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Stockport Karate Kids, established in Stockport for over 20 years, offers youngsters from the age of 5 training in Shotokan karate. Classes, adapted specifically for children, take place in a safe, fun and friendly environment.


Our mission is to improve confidence and social interaction for students while developing their technical knowledge and physical capabilities in a martial art through key stage learning and recognition. The class operates a strict child protection policy which means that every lesson is conducted in a safe manner.

With no monthly fee commitment, Stockport Karate KIds offers a flexible and cost effective way for youngsters to learn karate.

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Students should wear clothing that allows comfortable movement and stretching

Classes are in bare feet

Bring some water to keep hydrated

A register is taken at the start of every lesson

The first lesson is free

Thereafter, lessons are priced at £3.50 with no monthly subscriptions

New students are encouraged to invest in a karate suit and club membership after around four to six weeks of lessons


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Beginner to Black Belt

What to Expect

 A warm up featuring light stretches

 Practice of techniques, sparring, forms and impact work

 Adapted games and learning exercises

 Strengthening and conditioning exercises

3 monthly gradings

New Karate Suit?

This useful video shows you how to tie a belt

Students study forms (kata)

The first is Kihon Kata

The coloured belts reresent kyu grades.

Each one is a step closer to black belt.

There are 10 steps in total.

In Their Words ...

"I have practiced karate since I was 5 years old. The lessons have had a big impact on me," Joe, aged 15

"I enjoy how we learn in fun ways that still work us hard," Amos, aged 12

"Classes are safe and friendly. I'm more confident than when I first started," Alex, aged 14

"My favourite thing about the lesson is the freestyle sparring," James, aged 7

"I've learned to punch really hard!"  Zain, aged 8


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